Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SiMPly superb

The LOML has left.  He left this morning on a jet-plane.  I don't know when he'll be back again.  Well, actually, that is a lie.  I do know when he'll be back - next Tuesday morning.  But that's not how the song goes!

About now he would be waiting in KL airport, filling in a couple of hours before boarding his connecting flight to Bangkok.  He'll spend the next 5 days there buying up stock for our shop for Christmas (don't kid yourself, it really isn't that far away now) and sending it back.

To save me the major physical, mental and emotional upheaval that results from a stupidly early-morning start topped off by a stupidly long round trip which would have left me beat for the whole time he's away (as happened last week for his over-nighter to Melbourne), we last night stayed at the casino on the Gold Coast.  Nice.

We caught up with our lovely friends Mr & Mrs W for dinner and a few drinks (well, the boys had drinks - Mrs W is preggers with their first child and I wasn't in the mood - shock, horror! - we just watched the boys drink) and, because we were at the casino, a few bets and pokie spins.  I think it's the law that when you are at the casino you have to have at least one bet.  That's what the LOML tells me anyway!!

So after dinner (I had fish and chips - very nice, if small) the LOML hit the tables.  I left him to his own devices and found a quiet corner with Mrs W for a good old chin-wag.  

A couple of hours later this is what the LOML had been up to......
Quite profitable by any standard!  Thanks Jupiters Casino!  You rock!!!

My cut of the profits (because, you know, I'm part of the partnership and staying at the casino was my idea after all) went towards the purchase of this little gem this afternoon.....

14 mega pixels.  As opposed to the measly 5 in my old camera.  

I'm iMPloding with excitement!  (terrible, Muriel, just terrible!).

Now, everybody say 'cheese'.....


  1. jealous...i so so so want a real camera!!!!

  2. ooooohhhhh - if I hadn't given my old one to my mum I totally would have given it to you! The thought counts doesn't it?

  3. the thought absolutely counts. :)


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