Why do I blog?

A lot of my friends, when first told that I have a blog (for some reason I've kept it secret, my own little getaway from the real world) and after the initial shock, ask why?  Why do I choose to put myself out there on the net, because it can never be deleted you know?  Why not just use facebook or twitter or myspace to sell my soul to the world? .....Why blog?

So here we have it.....my reasons why....
  1. Why not?  I've always kept journals/diaries and this is a much easier way to document how I feel and what is going on in my life (I type much faster than I write and it is waaaaaay more legible!).  Plus It's nice to look back on past posts and relive my life at the time. Much like it's nice to look back on photos taken during the nineties and like the way my skin was so smooth and wrinkle free despite the addition of too much taffetta (formal photos) and way too much hairspray (daily occurrence I'm afraid.  I think I may be responsible for the hole in the ozone layer alone).
  2. All the cool kids are doing it, don'tcha know.  And yes, if all the cool kids were jumping off a cliff, I probably would too.
  3. It's fun.  The whole idea of putting myself out there (on some level of 'anonymity' as I have) is nice - I can be whoever I want to be without someone reminding me of the time I was sixteen and fell down the steps in front of all the cool kids at high school and showed my undies ....oh wait, that didn't happen to me....it was someone else......really....!
  4. I like to talk.  It's true.  I've been labelled as quiet for most of my life, but mostly by people who don't know me.  Those who do know that I just don't shut up.  And I have a habit of going on and on about the most mundane things.  To the point of distraction really.  And don't even get me started when I've partaken of some form of energy drink or drop of red.  On your own head be it.
  5. I like to read other blogs.  I like seeing how other people live and what makes them tick.  So it's only fair that they get to know me.  It takes two to tango after all.
So that's it.  I guess you could say that like everyone else to varying degrees, I'm a little egocentric given that this is the one place in the world where it can be all about me without any need for guilt or sharing. So welcome to me.  Enjoy the ride!  
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