Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's show time!

I love regional show's.  They have a relaxed country feel to them that city exhibitions can only try to replicate.

This week has seen our town's regional show come and go and I just had to go for a wander.  

Horses and rides - that's what it's all about!
It's been years since I was last at a show - I think it was the Ekka 5 years ago and it put me off.  When I was a kid the show was the year's family outing - a whole day to fill in at one place.  I remember circuses, fashion parades, show jumping, tractors, hay bales, horses, cows, $2 show bags filled to the max with horrible tasting lollies and cheap and nasty toys, the Holden stunt drivers, fireworks and wood-chopping.  What's not to love about all that!

You don't see tractors like this at the Ekka!
And I have to say that this year's show didn't let me down.  Sure, the entry price was more than I expected but I guess they have to pay their bills too but once in those gates, I could have been a kid again!  Actually, considering all the cool things I saw it would have been great to be a kid again!
Oh to be a kid again!
I had a good wander around the handicraft displays as well - sussing out the standard.  Next year I am entering a few categories for sure!  This year I missed out on nominations by a day!  Oh well, that's what I get for not being organised.

So it's all over now.  Three days is all we get but three days is all we need.  

Till next year...!


  1. I love regional shows too, so much so, that I'm actually President of our local show committee. And with much disappointment, at a meeting Friday evening, we moved to cancel this year's show (due to be held in two weeks), due to the unprecedented rain and prediction of more to come.
    Our showgrounds are just so, so wet!
    Unfortunately, we will have a very disappointed community.

  2. How unfortunate! Shows have such a wonderful community atmosphere and spirit - truly a time and place where everyone can let their hair down and have a good time.
    As much as the rain is good (no complaints here!) it's a shame you've had to cancel....can't fight mother nature!


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