Friday, August 5, 2011

'Feast'-ing my mind

The other day I saw an ad in the paper for this magazine.....

A brand new magazine, first issue out at the start of this month.  The description read fantastically and given my salivation at all things yum, I had to make it mine!  So on the allotted day (Monday) I pestered Robyn at the newsagent all morning until it was on the shelf!

Put out by SBS, it ties in with the Feast series (I looooovvvve those shows!) and its tagline is 'experiencing life through food'.  I have to say, I think it's an amazing mag and ties in so well with my goal of 'eating my way around the world'!  The piccies left me hungry and the info has me itching to visit the new Indian grocery store just opened in town....I like it so much I've left a heap of subscription forms areound the house so that someone (hello LOML!!) might get the subtle hint that I would like to have this little gem arrive in the post box for me for a year.....might have to change that to some blatant hints because subtle has a history of not working.....leave it with me!   

I also got this little gem out of the post box on Monday as well....

I love mail that isn't bills. :)

A fantastic Monday haul that has kept me entertained throughout the week!

* I bought both of these magazines with my own hard earned pocket money - my opinions about them are my own and are in no way 'bought' promotions.  :)


  1. i love non-bill mail too!
    unfortunately, that's kind of a myth around our place. sigh.

  2. same. but I always live in hope :)

  3. OH YUM both of those mags look fantastic, beats bills definitely! I see Luke on the cover of the first, I got one of his cookbooks for christmas and I LOVE it.

  4. Mrs Bok - Luke is great isn't he? I love his show - makes me want to book a plane ticket.... :)


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