Monday, August 29, 2011

28 days

They say it takes 28 days for an action or a behaviour to become a habit.  

I'm gonna give it a go.

I'm challenging myself to create a whole heap of new habits by replacing the ones that need replacing.  Namely the eating of crap food, the lack of exercise and the favouring wine over water.  The winter coat that has joined last year's winter coat has me a little worried. It snuck up on me and given I can't afford a new wardrobe (and the thought of trying on clothes with the ugly lights and fat mirrors in the fitting rooms is not something my mental health can deal with right now), it is now time to take decisive action.

Technically I have chosen the first of September as the start of my 28 day new-habit-creation but unofficially I have started today.  You know, because Monday is the start of the week and my anal-obsessive tendencies see me struggle with the concept of starting something - anything - on a Thursday even if it is the first of the month.  Tough gig.  Also, with a couple of practice days up my sleeve, I won't feel so bad on Wednesday morning if I were to hit the snooze button instead of turning the alarm off - unlike how I would feel if I did it on Thursday, say.  Kind of a warm-up practice go before the real thing starts.

So today I did well. I was up and about early for the exercising, I ate very well today (as opposed to the not so well eating of yesterday) and....well, I didn't do so well with the water thing today.  I left my water bottle at home - it's a stainless steel bottle that I fill with rain water from our tank.  I struggle to drink bottled water at the best of times (it tastes so plastic, not to mention the major attacks of the guilts I get when I actually pay for water in a bottle) and drinking tap (town) water around these parts is akin to drinking the water in the public pool.  I can't do it.  So right now I am knocking back water like it's going out of fashion.

The end-goal I'm hoping for at the end of the 28 day challenge is to feel fitter, more toned and less wobbly, and to feel better about myself which I always seem to do when I lay off the chocolates and lollies and actually get active.  With the weather warming up by the day (YAY!!!!!) soon it will be singlet and shorts weather and there is no way I'm wearing either given the tuckshop arm scenario I have happening at the moment and as for the tautness of the shorts across my rear end - well, I'm not ready to go there!

So here goes - 28 days it better, move more, drink more water.  Easy right?


  1. Good luck with it Shelley.
    There's something about this scent of Spring in the air that makes everybody feel like doing something good for themselves!
    I totally relate to starting things on a Monday. Starting a health kick on a Thursday ... unheard of!

  2. Thanks Fiona. Two days in and already I caved and ate the block of chocolate I had hiding in the fridge. It was too much temptation. At least now it's gone. I did an extra punishing run this morning in reaction - I am hurting in places I didn't know could hurt! But I feel better, and that's the important thing...!


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