Thursday, August 11, 2011

Super C Day

Thursdays are Super C days.  
The one day of the week, every week, when I get to look after my newest (well, 7 months new) nephew while my SIL is at work.
I love Super C days.
Exhausting as they are (I don't have and am not having kids - hats off to you mums!) I look forward to them.  Watching him grow and change and learn new things each week is such a privilege and a blessing and I am so grateful to my SIL for letting me be a part of Super Cs little life.

Likewise I am incredibly grateful to my sister for letting the LOML and I be part of her kids' lives - we need our kid fix at least once a week to settle us down and remind us what is important.

I'm sure my sister and SIL don't fully understand my gratitude - for them any time we have their offspring is a chore-achieving-godsend for them I'm sure! - but grateful I am.  Getting to watch little minds learn new things, seeing teeth fall out and faces change, and getting to share the excitement of Christmas and birthdays and school awards, all without the burdens (burdens of love no less) of lack of sleep, projectile vomit, backchatting and red-cordial-induced-bouncing-off-walls spells Win-Win for me!

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