Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Modern Day Love Story: Part 2

(read Part 1 here).
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.......So the girl drew in a deep breath and walked towards the boy in his new business.

The boy was very surprised to see the girl.  He wasn't expecting her.  He was happy to see her it was true, but he wasn't expecting her.  After 30 minutes of small talk and chit-chat the boy asked the girl what she wanted and why she was there (very tactful the boy isn't).

It was time.  

The girl enacted the second part of the Plan (the first being to actually start it).

The girl asked him out.  On a date.  That night.  To the fireworks in the city.  Very, very brave of her.

The boy said yes.  Lucky.  The girl relaxed a whole lot.  Her Plan was going as planned.  


Later that night the boy and girl met up at the boys apartment and walked to the ferry terminal to catch the CityCat into the city to see the fireworks.  It was a lovely night for it.  As coolish as a temperate winter can be, but with a hint of spring in the air.

Midway through the evening, the girl was having a great time - talking and laughing and joking with the boy.  And the boy looked like he was having a great time too - talking and laughing and joking with the girl.  But then it changed.  He changed.  The boy stopped talking and laughing and joking with the girl.  He started walking really fast so the girl had to almost run to catch up with him (while trying to regulate her breath so not to give away how totally unfit she was).  The boy started answering the girl in almost-grunts.  The boy started smoking one cigarette after another with hardly a pause in between.

The girl was distraught.  Dismayed.  Disheartened.  It had all been going so well, so to Plan.

And now it wasn't.

The girl stealled (new word right there) her heart and and hardened her resolve and made a new Plan right then and there.  A Plan to enjoy the fireworks anyway and to talk and laugh and joke like nothing was wrong because.....because she liked fireworks and wouldn't have seen them otherwise and because crying in public is really not cool and because....well, just because.  

And then the fireworks were over.  And so it seemed was the evening.

The girls expectations by this point were completely non-existent and all she was hoping to do was to not cry until she was in her car driving home and then she could bawl like there was no tomorrow because she had so been looking forward to a successful outcome (ie snagging the boy) to her original Plan but now it was all over and the Plan had failed.  The only consolation the girl could see was that as she hadn't told anyone about the Plan, no one would ever know how dismally it had failed.  Silver lining and all.

So the boy and the girl left the fireworks.  The boy was still acting weird and standoff-ish and not responding to the girls incessant talking and joking and laughing (by this point it had an edge of hysteria to it) on the walk back into the city where they were going to split a cab back to her car.  Inside the girls mind, her internal monologue repeated over and over - what's going on?  what have I done wrong?  Have I done anything wrong?  I don't think I've done anything wrong but what else could explain the boys sudden change in behaviour?  

In the taxi the boy changed again.  (All this changing was throwing the girls emotions all over the spectrum).  This time he changed back to the boy she knew, the boy she had started the evening with.  The funny, easy-going, relaxed boy she had been flirting with for a  gazillion years over a chicken, cheese, tomato, onion and pepper take-away sandwich.  'Hooray!  Hip-hip-hooray!' went the girl's heart.

Then the boy suggested they stop off for a late-late dinner at a cafe he knew close to where the girl had parked her car because, 'you know, we didn't actually get to eat anything at the fireworks after all and you know, maybe you're hungry because you know, I am'*.  'Hip-hip-hooray! Whoopty-doo-dah! YAAAAYYYYYY' went the girl's heart.

...to be continued.....

* note:  the boy doesn't actually speak like this - the author may be exaggerating a little!

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