Monday, August 8, 2011


The time is 7:26am.
OMG imagine the buzz
if I'd had 2 full-sugar Vs!!!!

I have been awake (up and about) since 2:30am.

In that time I have consumed two sugar-free Vs and two pieces of toast with syrup, and driven 300km.

I give it two more hours before I crash and burn in a completely un-pretty way.

Sugar high (well actually, sugar-free-high), you have worked, and are still working, your magic just fine and dandy!!!  Thank you for keeping me alert on my drive home.


This morning the LOML had to be at the airport at 5am for a flight to Melbourne.  So it was a 3 hour round trip to drop him at the Brisbane airport and come home again.  He's away for only the one night, down and back for a big gift fair (wholesale delights for retailers around the country) and a look/see around Melbourne's Lebanese area (he's on the hunt for an Agileh - can't wait to pick up one when we're in Lebanon again next year - must have one NOW!).  Meanwhile, I'm holding the fort at this end (not today though - Miss K will work today for me at the shop).  

It was a great drive - no traffic on the road at all, not even any trucks which was surprising (maybe we were too early even for them).  Coming back through the city at 5:30am though was a different story.  I can't believe how quickly it built up and cars were lined up and travelling slowly through all the hot spots.  I mean, we did live there only 4 years ago so in my head I know what it's like but how quickly we forget.  Made me glad I was going the other way.

I was also reminded this morning of how beautiful the world is just before the sun comes up.  All mist and fog and soft light.  Made me wish I was a passenger with a camera in my hand just so I could share it with the world.

Once upon a time it was usual for me to be awake and functioning at this time of day.  But then I met the LOML, the biggest night owl ever, and changed my hours of operation.  These days bed time is somewhere between 11pm-1am (a really early night is classified as 10pm) and the alarm doesn't go off before 7:30am.  

We get quite a bit of ribbing from our friend Mr Paddy for that fact - our late starts.  A number of times he has rung at 6:30am and given us stick for not being up.  He somehow doesn't seem to realise that the opposite is true also - when he is heading for the sheets at 8:30pm, we are just getting started.  I wonder what he would say to a 10pm phone call....!

But anyway, today day shall be long and I daresay I shall accomplish a lot, what with all this ENERGY ripping through my system.  I think I might start with the washing, then the floors, then the garden, and then I might make a start on painting the house.....!!!!!

Hope your day is as buzzing as mine!!!!

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