Where did I come from?

Well, not me silly, I know the stork delivered me to my mum and dad one morning in October many moons ago!

Where did 'All Litten Up' come from? 

Well, this one time, at band camp....no, seriously! 

Once upon a time whilst sitting in mind-numbing stupor in front of the idiot box after a long day dealing with rude customers, a tv ad for a national hardware chain came on.  It's main selling point is to feature 'real' staff members talking to the camera and telling us 'real' people at home how great their store is and how we should really come in a buy EVERYTHING.  Right now.  Before it all sells cos it is SOOO cheap. 

Anyway, one of those 'real' people was talking about fairy lights and how she just 'loves seeing all the Christmas lights all litten up'.  Really?  All litten up?  Is that even a word?*

Anyhoo, this idea of making up words seems to fit nicely with my view of the world.  And hey, if it is being broadcast on national television, why not the world!

So here we go - light me up baby so I can be all litten up!!!


*okay, so I googled it, as you do.  Turns out it is a word.  Archaic form of lit.  So she was technically right.....if she lived in the dark ages (or the bronze age or whenever it was that was archaic).  Sometimes I think I'm living in the dark ages so it's even more apt.  Great word that, apt. :)
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