Friday, August 12, 2011

On My Mind: Not long now....!

Spring is coming!  Spring is coming!  Spring is coming!!!!

I am so excited (can't you tell?!).  Last year, the year of wet, spring didn't really eventuate.  Oh, I saw the sun a couple of days from September to December but it wasn't enough to really be classified as 'spring'.  It also wasn't nearly enough to boost my mood and make me shake the winter malaise.  And it certainly wasn't enough for me to consider trying to dry the sheets on the clothesline outside.

This year is shaping up to be better, normal almost - no, make that better than normal!  The weather started warming a couple of weeks ago and I started shedding layers - would you believe one day I even wore open toed shoes?  I know right!  Bare feet in July, it was almost unthinkable!  

And the trees are also shedding their layers.  Well, actually I don't know if that's the right description but they are bursting their buds and sending out leaves and flowers and buds and generally announcing to the world that they are not far from open and trading and ready for action!  It's glorious to see.

Right now is Ekka wind time.  That time of year, every year, when the Brisbane show signals the arrival of some bitterly cold westerly winds that remind us all that August still is a winter month, thank you very much, there'll be no jumper-less action on my watch!  

I find it amazing that the winds know when to start up - right on Ekka time - sometimes before, rarely after, but right on queue they whip up.  Regardless if Ekka starts on the 10th or the 17th of the month, that is the day the winds come.  Freaky.  So all the planned show stopping outfits of pretty summer dresses and short shorts have to be ditched in favour of jeans, boots, jackets and scarves (unless you are 16 in which case it is cool to be cold - necessary sacrifice for fashion and all!).

So welcome Ekka winds.  Knock yourself out, blow yourself silly.  Go crazy with it all.  This year I welcome you with open (and very rugged up) arms because your arrival signals your end and your end means spring is here and that is only ever a good thing!

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  1. We are getting our first cool - below 90*F days and looking forward to the colors of Fall and the warm meals to prepare on cold days as you are eager for the arrival of Spring colors. I'm as eager to where warmer clothes as you are to shed them...LOL! HAPPY SEASON CHANGE!

  2. WEAR no where - I need to proof read better!

  3. I knew what you meant Becky!

    I love the lead up to change of season - whichever season it is! Enjoy your fall colours - I bet they will be beautiful!


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