Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Modern Day Love Story: Part 3

(read Part 1 here and Part 2 here)....

Photo: Photobucket - jujubeejmw

........So the boy and the girl caught the cab to the boys favourite cafe on the road near the racecourse near where both the boy and the girl worked.

And the dinner went well.  Very well.  Better than the girl could ever have imagined when imagining her Plan for the evening.  The boy and girl talked and laughed and joked well into the night.  Well into the night.  And the boy and the girl discovered that they really had a lot in common and that they really did like each other quite a lot after all.

[cue romantic music and camera pan to moon above - oooohhh-waahhhh-oooohhhh].

After much talking and laughing and joking, eventually the girl had to make the move to go home because she had a very early start for work the next that day and since it was 1am she really should be getting a wriggle on.  The boy, not wanting to end the evening, suggested he cook the girl dinner the next that night after the girl finished work.....

[scene fade - scroll credits]

Two years later the boy and the girl got married on a farm in the bush.  The girl wore an exact copy of a dress she had found a picture of when she was sixteen and dreaming of getting married.  The boy wore a suit.
Ten years later the boy and the girl are still going strong - some would say stronger than ever.  They still laugh and joke and talk all the time.  The boy and the girl say they love life together and couldn't ever live without the other.  And the girl now knows that the boy doesn't like crowds and tends to stop talking and laughing and joking when in them but that doesn't mean he doesn't like the girl.  Which is good.  Very good.  Happy Ever After Good.

And all because once upon a time a bakery girl worked up the courage to ask a service station boy out to see some fireworks....


Happy 10 years LOML! xxx


  1. Beautiful!! Happy anniversary!

  2. awww...thanks! Today I even got a surprise bunch of flowers. What a keeper!

  3. That is sooooo sweet! Were you crying in the second photo? Oh, I'm so glad I popped in today rather than a few days ago so I could read the whole story in one hit - I hate not knowing how things end. Happy Anniversary!

    I love that you were married in a princess top, and that you and your handsome prince look so happy in the photos! :)

    Celia x

  4. Thanks Celia :)

    Yes I was crying in the second photo - I started during our vows and then couldn't stop - all tears of joy! I was trying so hard not too!


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