Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hide and Find

To finish up a great Sunday (after the festival) we had a good old fashioned Aussie BBQ at our house for all the family.

Of course, when the time came to fire up the BBQ, it rained.  

How typical.

Anyway, we weren't about to let something as trivial as a bit of rain stop our dinner so we merely progressed inside and lit the fire to keep us warm while we ate!

It was a great evening with the family - lots of laughing and plenty of jokes and ribbing which is usual at our gatherings.  Kids ran riot, dogs were underfoot and the noise level at times was deafening.

When it was all said and done, everything washed up and dried, toys tidied and put away, and tired nieces and nephews packed into cars and driven home, this is what I found arranged on my dusty shelves.....

this cowboy's rifle has seen better days!

Go Nicko you little champ!  You brighten my day little man!

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