Who am I?

Hi.  My name is Shelley.

Hello Shelley.

Welcome to my little part of the ethernet.  A journal-ly type place where I can record the good things (and sometimes the not so good, the bad and the downright ugly) that go on in my real-life world. 

I'd been reading blogs for a couple of years before I first decided to have a go myself and I must say that I'm a little hooked now.  I'm finding it a little hard to blog regularly in the right-now present due to a change in work circumstances, but hopefully that will resolve itself once I get my act into gear.  

So who am I?  

Well, I'm.....me.  I guess in a nutshell that covers it all and yet doesn't.

I'm rapidly approaching my mid-thirties (who am I kidding, I can deny it no longer, I'm there already!!), nine sheesh, ten years ago I married my best friend and have been busy living happily ever after  ever since.  I don't have kids nor do I (or the LOML) want any, thanks for asking.  It's not that I don't like kids, cos I do.  I just don't  like them enough to have my own.  I make a great Aunt.

I call myself a bit of a hippy but in reality I'm just more in favour of natural living and natural food than most other people around me.  I also embrace nana-technology so that also has me labelled as a bit odd amongst those who think odd is not necessarily a good thing.

Exercise is the only thing that keeps my pants fitting despite the fact that I despise it with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.  At present, the love-hate relationship is in full swing as I attempt to lose two years worth of winter coat in time for a few weddings over summer, 

I have a tendency to overindulge in red wine during the week, but then not on weekends.  I love to cook and, after much research, can safely say that the food I cook tastes better once I have a glass or two of wine in me.  Who knows why but it's true.  I'm also in denial that my red wine overindulgences could in any way be contributing to the tight-pants situation I find myself in.

I don't like olives or anchovies and I've have only recently come round to the fact that pickled cucumbers aren't the work of the devil but are in fact a tasty treat with cheese and a cracker.

I love to read but find that I lose too many days in a book so it's a special occasion treat now.  I love to sew and crochet and cross-stitch and love giving my creations away.  One day I'll keep one, just for me.

I'm also mad keen on cake decorating and can lose hours scouring the internet for amazing creations of sugar and cake.  I also have an amazing ability to lose all willpower when it comes to spotting a cake decorating magazine in the newsagent.  Or a food magazine.  Or a recipe book.  I really shouldn't be in there.

And that's about it.  A little bit odd, a whole lot crazy and all me :)

Welcome to my world....!!!

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