Friday, March 25, 2011

On My Mind: Bale-ing out

Yesterday I had two bales of mulch delivered.

Very exciting.

I have been waiting for a week for these to come (long story, not the best experience in customer service but it ended happily so all is well) - so have my veggie seedlings that have not long been planted.

After waiting so long, it didn't take me long to get stuck in. 

So for your viewing pleasure, we have.........the start....
They are a bit wonky looking because they were water damaged - as in, completely submerged in the floods.  We got them at a GREAT price so I'm not complaining one little bit - and really, their job is to hold in the moisture so it can only help if they start moist!
...the middle (I had to stop for a sit-down - I was in desperate need of something to eat and a BIG drink of water)....
Being wet (all the way through!) it was a big job having to lift and pull and drag the layers apart - much harder than if it had been dry.  And of course the wind was blowing a gale - always is when I am moving mulch!
...and finally the end....(HURRAAYYY!).
I really hope this one isn't as wet as the other....
Stinky, sweaty and absolutely shattered, I then called it a day and headed for a hot (HOT) shower and a rest.

So what will be on my mind today?

You got it!  Mulch!

(I have a feeling I will be very sore tomorrow!!)

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  1. That looks like a big job. Hopefully the results will be worth the hard work!

  2. Just talking about mulch gets me a good sorta way. I too am very excited to get things rolling on the garden.

  3. Hi Shelley, great find with the mulch! Your garden will love you for it. We had some soggy pea and barley straw put on the garden last year and the veggies went beserk! :)

  4. Thanks Becky! I find mulching to be a very productive chore - I always feel like I've accomplished at the end of the day.

    Patti Bee - it is a big job, especially with bales this size. Yesterday I was full of energy and got through a whole bale - today not so full of beans so will have to finish tomorrow...

    No Spring Chicken - spreading mulch always makes me sleep better that night - must be all that fresh air and exercise! I love being outside in the garden this time of year....

  5. Mulch and lots of it. Love it! I spent a small portion of yesterday mulching. Only a small patch under the fruit trees. I see you too like red wine but not olives. I'm with you!

  6. Hi Christine - the seedlings totally loved me for it!

    PhD Journey - 10 years ago I hated red wine with a passion but the LOML started something (he made me try it!) he now has no control over! He didn't win me over on the olive front though!


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