Monday, March 28, 2011

Tough decisions

A couple of weeks ago the request was made.

With a little person's birthday (Big Boy of 4!) quickly approaching, books were consulted and plans made for a cake to suit the grown-up-so-quick-but-still-mums-baby-ness of the occasion.

Trucks and trains were dismissed, as were his older sister's sage suggestions of pirate ships, hidden treasure chests, spiders, swords, pigs, cats, dolls (?) and poodles (basically, every page of the Women's Weekly Kid's Birthday Cakes book was put forward!).

The choices were narrowed.

A dragon.  Or a snake. 

Or a dragon.  Or a snake.

Mmmmm.....this could take some time.

A few days passed.  I needed a decision.  There was cake to be baked.

Eventually the message was received.  Dragon is GO!  I repeat, DRAGON IS GO!

But not just any dragon.  No, we're talking Dibo the Gift Dragon.


That's what I said but after a quick google revealed his colourful visage, plans were finalised and ingredients purchased in preparation for the creation of a masterpiece in sugar icing.
Dibo the Gift Dragon (ABC2 if you're interested....)
So.....(drum roll please....)...I give for your viewing pleasure.....

......the Dibo cake!!!!! (the crowd goes wild!!).
Pretty good likeness I reckon!
I must say that I think it turned out pretty well.  Considering it is only my second 'real' decorated cake outside my decorating course I am actually stoked at the result!  As was the recipient. 

The best part according to a little person on a MAJOR sugar-high (said with a mouthful of jelly beans and a handful of lollie snakes) was Dibo's mouth - solid sugar, no surprises there!

Apparently when that sugar-high wore off there was peace across the land and order was restored quick-smart! 


  1. FABULOUS cake! Wow, great job! Dibo is obviously the new Barney - I'm a few years out of the loop now.. ;-)

  2. Thanks FJ&LC - I had NO idea who he was but he's a hit in my sister's household! Thank God for google is all I can say....!


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