Thursday, March 24, 2011

Red Wine, Italian Style

Last night the LOML and I had our good friend out for the night (who may also play a part in the asking of the Pertinent Question....).   Twas a good night - delish slow-cooked casserole, fresh bread, partnered with good conversation and lots of laughs.

Anyway, he has just got back from a quick trip to the US, England and Italy.

And this is what he brought back for us.....

A bottle of Castello Do Oliveto Chianti Riserva

Just saying the name makes me want to wave my hand in the air and have a good looking waiter bring me pasta carbonara and some bruschetta....!

Of course, this is totally not helpful in any way, shape or form for my pledge to limit my alcohol consumption....!  But hey, it's a gift - cannot be refused!

Now to work out what scrumptious goodie I can whip up to serve with it....and what 'special' occasion warrants popping the seal.....!

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