Sunday, March 6, 2011


So after my post earlier today, you will be please to note that I have regained my inspiration for the day.

Primarily because it is lunch time.  And I am hungry.  Not the combination a person wants when 'healthy' is the plan. 

Just like you shouldn't grocery shop when hungry, nor should you start cooking when hungry.  In my case it always ends in sweets. 

Today was no exception.

Firstly, I stood in front of the fridge for 10 minutes waiting for inspiration.  None came.

Then I stood in front of the pantry.  Nothing.

Then.....brainwave!  Pikelets!  Quick, easy, LOML likes them too (justify, justify, justify) plus, if I make a big batch, I can freeze the leftovers (yeah right) for an easy snack during the week.

I assembled the required ingredients......

Gave them a good mix....

Spooned spoonfuls onto the grill.....

Flipped when full of bubbles....

Wrapped in clean tea-towel to keep them warm....

Then I hooked in!

I love fresh pikelets. 

Usually I smear with butter and coat with sugar with maybe a little lemon juice (just like my mum, who is just like her mum, who is just like her mum....!)....delish!

Today though, I was hungry and they were warm - no additions required!

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