Sunday, March 20, 2011

D-day (S-day)

Last night was S-day  - Sleepover Day.

It went EXTREMELY well.

I went over and picked up my neice and nephew at 11am (they had been counting down the hours, then the minutes, then I was greeted as I pulled into the driveway by 'Aunty Shelley, Aunty Shelley, AUNTY SHELLEY!!!!!). 

Oh the excitement!  They had their bags packed and on their backs.  They were in my car without a backward glance at mum and dad - byeee!.  They were ready to start their sleepover!!!

First up we headed down-town for some groceries (missing essentials for baking of goodies for the afternoon), followed by lunch at a fast-food 'restaurant' (I felt sick afterwards and wished I had taken them home for a sandwich!), then home to start the fun stuff!

First off....we made some bread dough....which eventually became jam/ vegemite & cheese scrolls...

Thanks Picnik for the photo collage capabilities!

Then some little people went and played in the rain....the mud puddles actually!  Oh the mud - I was scrubbing it out of ears and noses and eyes....and as for their clothes, well, mum has a good supply of Napisan so not my problem!!!

Then we made some biscuits....
The licking of the bowl is the BEST part of making biscuits!

Icing the bikkies - thanks Cattle, Kids & Chaos for the idea of using syringes for the not messy!
 And finally we made dinner (pizza.....yummmmm!).

Then we made a 'tent' in front of the telly (well, Uncle Phil did, Aunty Shelley was DONE for a little bit.....!)

And put on a DVD and fell asleep (little people fell asleep that is!).  All as per the plan!

In the morning we woke up and cooked bacon and eggs for brekky....
Aunty Shelley did the eggs - the bacon cooking was a shared task.....

....before heading down to Nan's to wait for mum and dad to sober up enough come pick up their children.

We found out after the fact that a little boy didn't last the distance of the trip home (out like a light) but a little girl was ECSTATIC and recounted the whole weekend, complete with actions and photos, for mum and dad's viewing pleasure. 

I totally LOVE my neice and nephew!

And as I sit here now with my glass of 'something alcoholic' (eg. some bad, nasty, Queensland-er stuff but oh so....alcoholic!) reflecting on a wonderful weekend, I realise I am TOTALLY ready for bed - those kids have worn me out completely!

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  1. All my life, I've wanted an aunt just like you! Getting to watch telly in a tent AND play in the mud is the stuff childhood dreams are made of! :)

    Cheers, Celia


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