Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sleepover day is here!

It all started between my sister and I weeks ago.

While she and my BIL went to the races to support fundraising for their daughter's school (I know right!) we would look after the kids.  Originally just for the afternoon, I then suggested a sleepover (I had a feeling mum and dad would be feeling quite poorly on Sunday morning!!) and it was quickly (not even a pause!) accepted!

But we didn't tell the kids.

Instead, on Tuesday I sent them an invitation.....

On Wednesday I got a phone call from my neice.  'We just got your card, can we really come over for a sleepover?'.  Indeedly you can!  We are going to have sooooo much fun!  I don't think you realise how much fun we're going to have?  'Yes I do, it says on the card that we need our shoes and our hats and our aprons and that we're going to cook pizzas for dinner and make some biscuits and play soccer in the backyard and build a tent in the loungeroom.....' 

On Thursday I got another phone call, 'Aunty Shelley the news said it's going to be stormy on Saturday but we have to play soccer in the backyard with Uncle Phil but we can't if it's raining?'.  No worries little dude!  We'll just play in the rain and then when we come inside we'll straight away have a hot bath!  It's all good!

On Friday morning (early - too early for me!), another phone call.  I can't really remember what was asked (like I said, too early for me!) but I remember saying something along the lines of 'No worries little dude!  It's all good!'.  And then I went back to sleep....

On Friday night, another phone call.  'On the card it says to bring our aprons but we can't find ours so I'm going to use mum's but Nicko won't have one, will that be alright?'. No worries little dude!  He can just wear an old shirt!  It's all good!  See you tomorrow!

I was so certain the phone would ring at some unGodly hour this morning with a little person on the end asking 'what time are you coming to pick us up?  How soon can you get here?  Why aren't you here yet?'  that I put it on silent!  I needed all the sleep I could get last night because I doubt there will be much tonight!

They are soooooo excited it is unbelievable!
But we are too.  We love having them over and this time we have lots of fun stuff planned! 

So the big question is, who do you think will have more fun, them or us?

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