Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Please explain

Pauline's back.

Today I read in the paper that she is running for parliament.  Again.  In NSW. 

Poor people of NSW.

I don't like Pauline. Well, I don't actually know her personally so I guess I can't actually say that I don't like her.  How about, I don't like what she's for?  Devisive, anti-everyone-not-born-in-Australia (unless you have white skin, in which case, WELCOME!), anti-everyone-born-in-Australia-without-white-skin, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, racist, uneducated, un-worldly.....words escape me.  I get so angry when I come across people like her.  So angry.

Unfortunately, she has a lot of support from 'people' in the community (can they be considered people when they lack basic compassion for and understanding of others?) so there's a fair chance she will get elected - just like she and One Nation did here in QLD a decade ago (has it been that long?).

I wish the world would open up a big, gaping hole in the ground and swallow up her and all her racist, bigoted, xenophobic (please explain) supporters.  There is no place for their views in my world.

I still find it funny (hilarious even) that she changed her mind about moving from Australia to the UK because, after a visit there to suss it out she found it worse than Australia and "full of immigrants and refugees". 

Ummm.....if you move there, you'll be an immigrant yourself.....
Please explain.  Actually, don't waste your breath.  I'm not really interested.

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