Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Fever

Photo: Matt Dunham/ AP
As no doubt the entire universe knows, yesterday was the day Kate and Wills got hitched.  I'm sure they would have preferred eloping to Vegas and being married by Elvis* over the monumental affair they had.  But I guess that's the downside of being the future King and Queen of England.  Can't win them all!

In honour of the occasion my sister and her family (BIL, niece and nephew) came over to ours and we celebrated the royal nuptials with pizza and wine (beer and scotch on the part of the fellas, cordial for the kidliwinks).  Nothing says posh-nosh more than mozzarella and tomato paste on a bread dough followed by a wine chaser!  Said wine was of course consumed with obligatory pinky finger raised - v. elegant, v. high society.

I do love a good wedding and royal families know how to throw a good shindig.  They've got nothing on me though.  My wedding rocked.  Funny how I say 'my wedding' instead of 'our wedding'.  As much as I love the LOML with all my heart, weddings are women's business - men just have to turn up (in a suit, no jeans, no joggers).  

Anyhoo, the LOML and I sealed our fate on a beautiful spring day at our friend's house in the Granite Belt in SE Queensland nearly eight years ago.  Ceremony in their garden, party in their shed, complete with hay bales, band, port-a-loo and fairy lights.  Rock on!  

So here's cheers to Wills and Kate - may your days as husband and wife be full of personal jokes, double entendres, snuggling on the couch in front of the telly, brekky in bed on a Sunday morning, romantic walks along beaches in the rain and lots of hot, married-people sex (don't believe what you hear, married people do it HEAPS!).  Cheers!!
Photo: Toby Melville/ Reuters/ Landov

* this option was a serious consideration when the LOML and I got married.  As we didn't choose to go with it, I'm owed it.  So I'm putting it out there that our 10th anniversary will see us in Vegas getting married (again) by Elvis.  Skinny, young Elvis that is. I don't want no fat man in a jumpsuit telling me to love and honour my husband till death do us part!**

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