Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is it just me?

Or do these things happen to other people as well?  I tell ya, I'm starting to get a bit of a complex.  Why me has been uttered a few times this last week and I'm really hoping this is the end of it.

Today I woke to the sound of a bird chirping.  

Not so much of a problem you say?  Well, said bird was chirping from my kitchen.  On the bench.  In my kitchen.  Inside my house.

For the fifth (FIFTH!!) time in 12 months a bird has fallen down the chimney and found itself flapping around the house, flying into windows and squawking for its friends.  Stupid bird.  And of course, this only ever happens as the sun starts peeking over the horizon.  Never at lunch time, or in the afternoon, no no no, these little buggers wait until I've got a sleep-in planned and then they strike! 

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This morning it was an Indian Myna - currently in plague proportions in our little neck of the woods.  That makes three Mynas and two parrots venturing into my domain to wreak havoc and freak out in the last year.  Hopefully they aren't stupid enough to be the same bird.

Eventually, I managed to get it out by opening a few doors and windows and hoping for the best.  They usually sense freedom and make a speedy exit so all's well that ends well.  

I have to complete this task on my own because the LOML, who gets an allergic reaction from a feather doona, would probably require hospitalisation after an episode like this!  As it was, when he emerged from behind the closed bedroom door an hour after the deed was done he still choked up and started itching - and that was after I had swept the floors and had the fan on high (bbrrrrr!) to try and shift the 'bird cooties'.

I can just imagine the conversation these birds have when they finally get out and make it back to their mates.....
You'll never guess what just happened to me?  I was abducted by aliens - tall, giant, feather-less aliens that can't fly - who live in a freaky cave that has invisible walls that you can see through but when you go to fly through them you knock yourself out.  I'm lucky to have escaped!
I bet his birdy mates teased him last time (assuming it was the same bird)....
Good on ya!  You didn't get abducted at all - you just had too much grass seed and were a little under-the-weather....there's no such thing as aliens.
You reckon!?!  I'll prove it to you....this is where I was sitting when I fell.....TTTTWWWEEeeeeettt!!!  (sound of bird falling)
Don't get me wrong, I love the nature and wildlife we have around our house.  I'm just over it trying to get into my house - between the possums, galahs and now these birds, I'm feeling a little terrorised.  Someone (ie not me) really needs to get up onto the roof and fix up some holes......

On a (more positive) side note, my hands have returned to normal following the dye incident of the other night.  Turns out that semi-obsessional hand-washing for two consecutive days is the way to go!  

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