Monday, April 4, 2011

You have to laugh

....otherwise you'd cry.

The LOML just rang me from work to share with me a funny story that just happened to him.  He had to tell someone.  It was an experience too good not to share.

So he called me cos he knew I'd get a kick out of it.

Here's how it went.....

He's at the shop where there we have a half price sale on.  A lady comes to the counter with two small glass vases.  

In an attempt to engage in some light-hearted conversation, he says to the lady (after the greeting/how's your day etc) "Now we have a sale on at the moment - you can have these vases for half price or you can get two for one."

The lady says "Oh I don't care, which one works out cheaper?"

He says, after a moments pause, "They're the same thing."

She says, frowning slightly and in an exasperated tone, "Oh....give me two for, make it half price."

He says without breaking into smile, "No worries."  He hands her the change.  "Have a nice day."

Then he rings me.  Laughing.

Retail - it's a whole other world.

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