Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We're all litten up

So winter is not quite here yet but it we are starting to feel it.  Cool mornings and even cooler nights.  And it's only just gone autumn.  I am totally going to freeze this winter.

Anyhoo, tonight the LOML must have been feeling a bit chilly (couldn't possibly have been because he insists on getting around the house in shorts and t-shirt - put a jumper on already!) because he hauled up a load of firewood from under the tank and lit a fire in the lounge room.  Well not actually in the lounge room - in the fireplace in the lounge room!!!  

So here we have it - the first fire of the year.....
Sorry for the unfocussed-ness - my little camera didn't want to play tonight..... 
Nothing beats the crackle of an open fire.  During winter we don't light it that much - relying on the heater ($$$$) and the combustion stove - because we lose most of its heat up the chimney.  But it sure is nice to sit and watch the flames, very relaxing and calming.  Especially whilst partaking of a small glass of heart-warming chocolate liqueur (my new favourite)!  

I am so going to sleep well tonight (unless tonight's Criminal Minds scares the be-jeezus out of me like it usually does....a bit more chocolate liqueur should fix that!).

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