Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just for me

Throughout my life I have done things to please other people, to make them happy, because they like it, because they think its a good idea, because they say so etc.  I think it's genetic.  

I do a lot of things to please me too but only in the last ten years since I met the LOML has there been a noticeable lack of guilt when I do (he is very good at the empowering thing, gotta love him!).  Painting my toenails is one of them.  Blue is my favourite colour - and this shade of blue tops all blues.
Look at those stumpy toes!  Yep, they're mine!
Nothing makes me feel more 'me' than when my toes are shining.  And even though we're coming into winter with its socks and boots and slippers and stockings, blue they shall stay. Just for me.  

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