Monday, April 11, 2011

My [latest] obsession is going well

My search for my relatives back through my family tree on mum's side has been going very well. has HEAPS of information and has taken me back at least 5 generations to Scotland, Ireland, Norway and Germany - amazing!  So far no criminals but I'm still trying to piece together one couple's reason for coming to Australia back in the mid-1800s so you never know!

Pick up whose kids????
This latest obsession is still ruling my life.  I've taken to writing a to-do list each morning with chores that must be completed before I start delving into history.  If I didn't, nothing would get done - as what happened last week!  A couple of afternoons just before the LOML finished work I could be found running around like a madwoman trying to sweep the floors, wash the dishes, feed the chooks, water the garden, fold the clothes, start dinner etc all in the thirty minutes before he got home!  Not that he would have a problem with me looking into my family tree (he found and met his family overseas last year after years of searching) but I feel bad when I realise I have spent all day on the computer!

At the moment I'm going through old newspapers online ( and have found numerous ads and notifications placed by my great-great-great-grandfather who owned a pub and inn in inner Brisbane (well, it is now inner Brisbane.  Back then George Street was referred to as North Brisbane!).  Late last night I found an ad he'd placed on May 1 1865 ...
I hereby caution all clergymen and others against marrying my son Charles ........., as he is not eighteen years of age yet.
Charles had stowed away with his elder brother on a boat bound for the Sunshine Coast and I get the feeling he didn't seek his father's approval!  And as this was the date that Charles married Anne, I really don't think dad approved!!

My how times have changed!  I can't wait to find out more....!

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