Saturday, January 1, 2011


Dear 2011,

Let me introduce myself.  I'm Shelley and I'm going to be your bestest bestie for a WHOLE 12 months!!!  But....for me to be your bestest bestie there's a few little things you need to do for me, you know, quid pro quo....

For starters, right now I'd like summer to happen.  I have a range of new dresses I'd like to wear but the rain is making it too cool to go out without some form of sleeve some regular, consistent sun would be greatly appreciated.  Also, winter this year - yeah not so much on the cold this year if you could.  I think my feet have only just now thawed and 2010's winter 'ended' about 5 months ago....  I don't mind having to rug up and getting to wear scarves and jackets and boots but not in December....

It would also be great if you could keep up my travel to foreign climes as per 2010.  I'm a bit accustomed to it now and would hate to break the tradition (yes, two years in a row does make a tradition!).  I really love meeting new people and seeing new parts of the world, and the food, oh the food - this year I'm totally fanging for some more of that delish penang curry from skala in Bangkok, and some fatoush at Norma's house in Lebanon, and I really want to try some legit Vietnamese spring rolls....mmmmmm.  It doesn't have to cost much to happen either - I'll be happy with 3 star - though I must draw the line and insist on hot and cold water, air con and a swimming pool! lol

I'd LOVE to win lotto this year too.  A number of years (every year) have gone by now without me winning a cent.  I know, I know, you have to be in it to win it.  Well, I will make more of an effort if you will.

Also, I would like world peace and an end to famine and drought (cos you know, not everything should be about me....).

In return, as your bestest bestie in the WHOLE wide world, I will always talk you up to all and sundry (you know, how wonderful you are, the start of a NEW decade, the promise of the future right here in your you have hands?), I'll always compare you favourably to past years (that 2010, that one was whack), I won't complain (much) when you go by so quickly, and I won't take you for granted and wish you away.  I will also do my absolute utmost (UTMOST) to remember to write your date right and not call you 09 or 10 (or 00!!!), and I will get the most awesome picture record of you in the form of a funky calendar so that I can look at your awesome-ness every day!

So how's that?  Have we got ourselves a deal?  Let me know ASAP because, you know, 2012 is waiting in the wings and, I'm not 100% sure, but from here it's looking dang hot!

Love always,
your (potential) bestest bestie EVER
me xxx

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