Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's for dinner?

I love to cook. 

But some nights I just don't feel like cooking. 

Especially when I've had a long day doing other things (you know, working, cleaning, shopping, watching tv etc etc), the last thing I feel like doing is being creative with our food. 

Likewise, when I'm lacking inspiration after looking at EVERY recipe in EVERY cookbook I own (aaahhh food porn.  Yes I have an addiction, no I don't need an intervention), I go for simple.  And easy.  And quick.

This is simple.....and easy.......and quick.....

Note the presence of carrot sticks, tomatoes and grapes - making it a healthy meal!

.....and it is DELISH.

Usually washed down with a cooling ale or a glass of sparkling, it doesn't get any better!

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