Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birth-mas!

Tomorrow is the LOML's birthday (or birth-mas as my cute-as-a-button-but-full-of-mischief nephew calls it).

He is in absolute denial that it is happening thinking that if you don't acknowledge it, it doesn't happen.  If only.

Next year is the big 4-0 for him.  That number seems to be so BIG and also signifies....something.  Like, you should be all grown up and adult-like.  You know, responsible, settled down (SETTLED down!), middle-aged.....but we're not (he's not, I'm not, we're no)t. 

Well we are responsible - you sort of have to be at some point in your life and mid-thirties is cutting it fine! 

We're not settled down, nor do we plan to be anytime soon.  Settled down always screams to me of 'settling' for something - it's not what you really wanted but you'll settle for it.  We're not okay with that.  Without goals or something to strive for, that's when settling occurs.  We will always work to reach our goals.  And when we reach them, we'll set new ones.  Living, that's what we call it.

And as for middle-aged....the way I look at it, age is a state of mind.  I've met some amazingly young 92 year olds who you would swear aren't a day over 60.  But then I've also met some old-before-their-time 30 year olds who have nothing to live for, nothing to look forward to.  Sad.  State of mind isn't it?

One of my friends is 32 now - on her birthday this year she will be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of her 30th birthday.  I've always thought that's a great way to look at it.  She said she had the best year when she turned 30 and she wants it to keep on going and never end!  Love her and love her attitude!

My mum says she is 8 years off 50 (hmmmmm......42 or 58.....!!!). 

Me, this year I'm 4 years off 30 (happily celebrating the 4th anniversary of my 30th birthday). 

And as for the LOML, well, he's only as old as the woman he feels!!!  (so that makes him YOUNG!!!).

Happy Birthday old fart xxxx

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