Saturday, January 8, 2011

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In this photo - Whitey, Blackie, Crazy & a red one (?)
I have six chickens. They have fun personalities with a few ideosyncracies thrown in for good measure. 

Their names are Big Red (she's the boss), Little Red (she's not), Medium Red (she's in the middle), Blackie (she's the black one), Whitey (she's the white one) and Crazy (she's the little bantam-cross who is the bottom of the pecking order.  And she's crazy). 

 Crazy is crazy - there is no other word for it.  She is very skittish and will take off like a rocket if you even so much as look at her.  She's also the most vocal and is guaranteed to be the one cackling like a....crazy six in the morning after laying an egg.  She's also the only one of all six to reliably lay an egg every day (I can tell, hers are smaller than the others').  She's also the only one to get clucky every now and then and find herself in chook jail (so named by my nephew and niece) - the isolation pen without the nesting box.

Big Red is the boss hen.  She'll stand on your feet as you enter the pen, she'll take on my mum's mini foxy if he gets too close and she'll follow me around when they're allowed out of their pen.  She's also the most docile and is happy to be picked up and petted.

The rest are individuals in themselves but Crazy and Big Red stand out from the crowd.

The love of my life says that we actually have seven chooks.  But I am the only one allowed inside the house.  Needless to say, I didn't find that one very funny.

I will understand if he sleeps on the couch.

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