Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In My Kitchen: May 2012

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Yay! I'm on the ball and early this month!!!  Well, okay, early for me that is!  I have of course been talking up my need for time management to post on time and lo and behold I actually delivered!  So without further adieu....

In My Kitchen this month.....

...some freshly made bottles of Worcestershire sauce.  I had a minor dilemma the other week when I realised there were no more bottles in the cupboard - I blame my brother who has developed a taste for it.  I'm sure I caught him plundering my loot a couple of months back - "just looking" he said.  Yeah right!!  I use the CWA recipe.  Those CWA ladies know how to cook.

In My Kitchen...

...some Quince Cheese chilling in the fridge before being sliced and sealed in vacuum bags for future consumption.  My Quince Cheese is quite 'fruity' still cos I like it that way (as opposed to the jelly like versions out there).  Again, CWA recipe.  

In My Kitchen...

...is was a banana and pecan cake/slice thing.  Another CWA recipe (have book open, will bake things!).  I would have taken a photo of the finished product (made with homegrown bananas and pecans) but I devoured it too quickly.  So quickly in fact I didn't get to put the frosting on top.  Not that it needed it but it certainly would have looked prettier!  Thanks CWA yet again!!

In My Kitchen....

....are what remains of the pecans (and some ring-in macadamias) after the banana cake/ slice bake-off.  And the necessary de-shelling implement.  Doesn't everyone have a hammer on their kitchen bench?!?!

In My Kitchen...

....it's celebrating time...

....via one's tipple of choice!  Some great news was received this afternoon via a phone call at 5pm.  Life is on the up people!!  Up, up, up!!!  

And finally, In My Kitchen....

...are a beautiful bunch of flowers from a friend.  A gift for my assistance with her resume and job application letter a couple of weeks ago.  This is them after a week - the blooms are just, well, blooming!  Stunning!

And that's it for my kitchen this month.  Next month I'm hoping to introduce you to my collection of chickens that reside around my kitchen, now that the spider's webs are gone and the walls are clean enough to withstand photographic examination!!!

What's the go in your kitchen this month?


  1. Everything in your kitchen looks delicious Shelley. Worcestershire sauce is something we use a lot of...almost on all the meat we eat!? I might have to try the home made version :)

  2. Jane, nothing bought comes close to homemade! Unless of course it is bought-someone-elses-homemade!! I certainly recommend it, the taste is so moreish and full flavoured :)

  3. I never even thought about making my own Worcestershire sauce! I will have to Google up a recipe!
    And Quince cheese? I feel like I'm peering through the looking glass at such tempting goodies!

  4. Hi Shelley. Love your post and congratulations on the good news you received, whatever it was.

  5. Shelley, lovely stuff! And good news is possibly the best thing in a kitchen ever! The CWA certainly knew how to cook, but I'm surprised they have a Worcestershire sauce recipe - is there any chance of begging you to email it to me (and Heidi)? :) So much joy in your kitchen this month, and I can't wait to meet the chooks!

  6. Nice post, what is the CWA? I recently made my own HP sauce and I would love to try making Worcester Sauce.

  7. Worcestershire sauce home made! How wonderful. And the quince cheese sounds delicious! Great to hear that life is sweet for you. Thank you for sharing your kitchen.

  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! Celia, I'll email the recipe to you...Heidi would you like it too? Lizzy? Anyone else??? I'm more than happy to share the goodness that is the CWA Worcestershire sauce!

    (Sous Chef, CWA is the Country Women's Association - an Australian association that has existed for over 60 years who offer support for families and communities around Australia - particularly in rural areas. Over the years they have gained a reputation for their wondrous cooking, though tend to be stereotyped as experts in the 'tea and scone' making. They recently published a number of cookbooks full of their members recipes and I cook them regularly. You can't ever go wrong with a CWA recipe!)


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