Sunday, April 29, 2012

A picture of true love

Possibly not what you were expecting?  But this right here is a prime demonstration of how much the LOML loves me.

Oh, he could have got me flowers and diamonds and wine (well, yes wine is always a good idea) but instead he got me a spider-web-duster thingy.  Unasked.  Of his own accord.

No doubt tired of hearing me moan and complain about the stupid spiders that have taken up residence in every corner of every ceiling in every room of the house and how I can't reach them to clear them out (12 foot ceilings, I think I have an excuse), the LOML took action and got me an extendable stick brush so that I could wreak spider-death on all and sundry [insert evil cackle here].

I think he was more excited that the sticker price said $6 but when scanned at the register it came up $5.  Bargain.

No more lace curtains in the corners for me.

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