Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've got the bug

To be entirely truthful, I don't think I've ever not had it.  I first got it when I was 19 and it stuck around for a year or so - noticeably out there for all to see.

It then finished up and has since sat under the radar - unnoticeable, silent, patient.  You'd have never been able to tell just by looking at me.  Indeed, some people, now that they know can't believe that they never saw it from the outset.

I can't say I ever tried to hide it.  It just wasn't a big deal for me and wasn't really something the rest of the world needed to know.  Not that it was a secret, but it just wasn't really that important.

Until now.

The itch started a couple of months ago. (bear with me here, it's not as it seems!!)

A little tic, a bigger flicker, eventually an all out rash. 

There was to be no more hiding it.

Would you like to see a picture?


I promise you won't be disgusted....


Ta-dah!!!  I've got the bug!!

My new bug - picked up a fortnight ago, found on the side of the highway just waiting to come home with me.  It's currently going through the roadworthy/ registration process but come the end of this week I shall be hooning around town in this little beauty!

1970s model, still in miles-per-hour and with a whole lot of personality!  Cosmetically she (I think it's a she....) is showing her age but nothing a few nips and tucks won't fix.  Mechanically she's 100% - nothing wrong with this old girl!

I am champing at the bit to be registered and on the road....!!!!!!


  1. I too am a 1970 model, definitely showing my age but nothing a few nips and tucks wouldn't fix, mechanically 100%, nothing wrong with this old girl!!!
    Only just read your last post, hope everything's okay with you. Enjoy your bug.

  2. Hahaha Fiona! Nothing wrong with you!
    I can't wait for my bug to be all roadworthy and registered and ready to roll....


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