Monday, May 14, 2012

Special Delivery

No, nothing to do with children.  

I made that mistake recently on facebook.  

A rather obscure post about good news and looking forward to the future and all of a sudden it got out of control.  I should have expected it.  "I always knew you'd change your mind!  Congratulations!  You'll be such a great mum!".  Ummmm no.  Big NO.

This special delivery actually was a delivery.  To the post box.  

An exciting delivery.

 A while back now I joined in the great Apron Swap on Down to Earth and I was paired up with the lovely Wendy in England.  We've exchanged emails for the last month or so and then yesterday I got a special parcel in the mail.

Soooo excited!  

I posted my present two weeks ago - Wendy, I hope you got it ?? (and I hope you like it!).

I absolutely love my beautiful new apron and have used it already.  In actual fact, I do believe that once the parcel was opened, it went straight on!! I may have consumed a couple of glasses of wine prior to the taking of this photo....!  At least you can't see the socks and slippers!!!
And I'm planning on baking Wendy's Ginger and Oat biscuits tonight - they sound totally yum!


Have you ever done a swap before? This was my first and I think I may just be hooked.  The good feeling in my soul that comes from making something with my own two hands for someone else makes me almost burst at the seams.  Add to that getting a little something in return that some other good-hearted soul has made with their own two hands....the icing on the cake!

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