Monday, May 7, 2012

Family Day

Today was a public holiday around these parts and the weather was di-vine!

We chose today to have a family gathering at mum's - once a regular affair, now not so often.  It was great.  Nothing flash, it was none-the-less....familiar, familial....

Mum pulled out all the stops with the roasting of beef, pork and veggies and then topped it all off with a to-die-for apple pie, tiramisu, ice-cream and custard.

After the eating was done and bellies were stretched well beyond their limit, lazing in the sun was the order of the afternoon for those less active amongst us (ie the adults) while the kids ran and jumped and screamed and whooped as a result of sugar overload (courtesy of the fizzy drink that comes out on occasions such as these!).  Good thing the park with it's swings and slippery-dip is two doors down.

Lots of laughs, plenty of re-kindling and reuniting, and not a chance of dinner tonight (still too full!)....let's do it again next weekend!!

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