Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When good ideas go bad

It was a good idea.  In theory.  

It was the putting it into practice part that let us down.  That and the massive downpour of rain that had not long stopped when we got there that left the ground squishy and squashy and the water still running down the hill towards the lake forming at the bottom.

But, as the LOML says, once you commit to a solution, you can't pull out halfway into it.  And the commitment had been made.  Hence the outcome.

Luckily, my mum eventually answered her phone and was able to drive down (45mins one way no less) to pick us up.

That was on Sunday.  Today, three days later and no rain in between, we went down to pick the van up thinking the mud would have dried and it would be a simple case of driving on out.

Quite obviously the van and the mud had other ideas.  

Hopefully our neighbour and his 4WD will be free over the weekend to drive down and tow us out.

Some days all you can do is laugh.  Otherwise you'd cry.

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