Monday, December 5, 2011

Operation Matron Dress: Week 1

Phew, what a week.  One down, eleven to go.  This week could have been a whole lot better - I certainly had higher expectations for myself but rather than let that get me down I'm resolving to get it better next week.  One step at a time and all.  

This week was all about the sugar detox.  Despite my idealised notions that I don't consume all that much sugar in my day, clearly I was kidding myself in the biggest possible way!  I spent the first four days with a killer headache pounding its little heart out behind my left eye before I cottoned onto the fact that I had also given up the caffiene cold-turkey and perhaps that was the cause.....half a can of DC later and headache was gone.  Terrible.  Next week - cut out the DC.

Saved by the carrot.  (Photo credit)

I also ate the world this week.  Well, I could have.  I was soooo hungry.  Hungry for all the sweet, not-on-the-approved-no-sugar-list - chocolate cake, macadamia biscuits, ice cream.  Of course.  Instead I stuffed myself full of cheese and crackers and carrots.  Lots and lots of carrots.  My go-to food when all I want is what I can't have and my brain fog won't let me come up with a suitable alternative in a hurry.  If in doubt, make it orange.  Next week should be better after I've gone shopping.  Mental note for future lifestyle/diet overhauls: fill the fridge with good stuff before you start.
I started the week off well with taking my own lunch to work.  I even had a whole little stash of non-sugar snicky-snacks to get me through the afternoon.  Worked well until about Wednesday when the cupboard was bare and the fridge was empty and the inspiration was flagging.  Must go shopping asap and restock.

I haven't done so well with the exercise this week.  None actually.   I have plenty of reasons but no excuses really.  The headaches for the first few days saw me locking myself in the dark bedroom for an hour or so as soon as I got home from work.  The LOML and I have also been putting in some stupid hours at the shop - it's not called the silly season for nothing - so that is impacting on my opportunities to get on the treadmill.  I have to make this a real priority for these next three weeks especially - if I don't exercise now when I'm flat out working there will be no chance I exercise in the new year when things slow down a little....

On the good news front, my water consumption this week reached all time high levels.  Impressive for me because working all day every day in air-conditioning that is set to freezing doesn't inspire me to maintain my hydration levels.  But I persevered and and came out trumps.  Combined with the lack of sugar, my skin is now clearer than it has been in a very long time (major outbreak earlier in the week - getting the bad stuff out maybe?), I'm sleeping the whole night through (BIG thing for me - I usually wake up 2-3 times a night) and I'm not getting the three-thirty-itis sweet cravings.  I'm also finding that my appetite is reduced - I'm not as hungry as I was earlier in the week and I seem to fill up much quicker.  Nice.

So here's to next week and keeping on top of the sugar, making more lunches and getting some form of exercise routine happening!


  1. Good job! It's all about baby steps. With the extra sleep, maybe you can get up 20 minutes early and use that treadmill? That way, you don't have to worry about it later in the day when you're exhausted.

  2. Thanks for your support Marianne. Getting up earlier is the plan but it is abnormally cold here at the moment - almost winter like - and my treadmill is outside in the shed.....seriously a test of my mettle these last two mornings to get up out of the warm bed and venture into the cold outdoors! Hopefully this cold snap is just that, a snap, and is gone very soon. :)


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