Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stuff it

Remember my Monster Zucchini Club entrant?  Well that sucker, as suggested by Linda, was stuffed and served for dinner the next night.

I've never stuffed a zucchini before.  Sure, I've left a few on the plant a few days too many so they were effectively stuffed (as in, not good for anything other than the chooks) but I've never actively gone out of my way to literally stuff one for dinner.

Not to let that put me off, I gave it a good hard go.

And surprisingly, it turned out quite tasty!

The photo really doesn't do it any really was very yummy!
I chose to stuff my marrow with some roasted sweet potato and a little pumpkin (courtesy of my mum's winning fruit tray in a raffle she entered - she was on a winning streak because we also scored two meat trays in the same week as well.  But that's another story) plus some fetta and sundried tomato flavoured couscous to accompany the scooped out zucchini shell.  Topped with cheese, baked till golden and delicious, and then drizzled with some Asian flavoured chilli sauce, this little sucker will be seen again this summer for sure!

A good thing too, because the rain of this last week has seen another monster appear on the zucchini plant.  This one even bigger if you would believe it!  I think it will be salted (to draw out the moisture), sliced and dried into zucchini chips.  Apparently delicious with hummus....!


  1. That looks good! You can also make a mince meat based stuffing - almost like a bolognese sauce - I used it to stuff a squash here, but the same idea works for zucchini.

  2. Thanks Linda - I'll definitely be giving that one a go to!!


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