Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is summer? Really?

Today is the 6th (official) day of summer and this is what is the go in my lounge room.

A fire.  Complete with surrounding fire hazards but that's not the point (the fireplace becomes a handy storage area outside of winter).

The point is that last night saw two doonas added to the bed and then today I had to dig out the tights and jacket from the depths of the cupboard to wear to work.

What's going on?  This is summer for crying out loud!

Add to that the 5.4 earthquake over in Western Australia and the 'newly found' fault line up in north Queensland and I'm seriously considering stocking up on canned goods, building a bunker and retreating to higher ground.  

I think the doomsdayers may be right.  The world is coming to an end.

Either that or Australia is heading for the ice age and endless winters.

Where is my warm weather and sunny days?  

I have veggies to grow and fruit to pick.  Not to mention my new sandals and summer frocks just waiting to be worn.

Don't make me move closer to the equator.....


  1. You're having a cold summer, and us on the East Coast of the US are having an unseasonably warm late fall/winter. I am sure you just want to be warm in your house for a change after such a cold winter.

    It's barely cool enough to warrant a sweatshirt and jeans. I'm not complaining too loudly about the warm weather, but I bought a beautiful winter coat that I'd like to wear, and I knit a cozy hat that I can't wear without almost sweating. I never thought I'd complain about warm weather.

  2. This weather can't be helping the diet! :)


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