Friday, December 16, 2011

In My Kitchen: December 2011

Joining Celia and her 'In My Kitchen' posts - head on over to Fig Jam & Lime Cordial and join the fun....

In My Kitchen this month.....

......are some newly acquired big glass jars for my pantry.  Found on a bottom shelf at the cheap shop they are surprisingly good quality.  Only four (one yet to be filled) but they are all mine and will go a long way to keeping my flour fresh.  I'm keeping my eye out for more - they are a great size.

In My Kitchen....

.....the cake decorating tools are out in preparation for the creation of my sister's birthday cake for her birthday on Thursday.  Photos to follow....I can't reveal too many details in case she peeks!  I've a busy time ahead of me with another 3 cakes to bake and decorate in the next 6 weeks - two birthday cakes and a two tiered wedding cake - whilst also working full-time.  Hmmmm....time to work on my time management skills!

In My Kitchen..... the lovely letter I received from my 8 year old niece the other day.  She is such a loving and thoughtful little girl and she makes me smile every time I see her.  She also did one for the LOML though his was addressed to Crazy Uncle Phil!  Love her!

In My Kitchen..... the only Christmas decoration I could be bothered putting up at home this year.  No tinsel around the house, no wreaths on the front door, no fairy lights.  I feel like the Grinch.  One little Christmas tree on the end of the dining table is enough.  Truly, we are now nine days out and I am already looking forward to the end of it.  I don't know how many more times I can hear Santa Baby or Jingle Bell Rock at the shop without doing my head in.

In My Kitchen....

.....are the small saucepan (I'm sure it has a more fancy name than that!) and small demitasse (??) cups for the LOML's latest obsession - Greek coffee with his breakfast.  I was given detailed instructions from our friend Toula on how to make it and I'm pleased to say that I think I've mastered it, though a not-as-strong version as instructed!!  The little cups are from our shop - made for Thai tea but they are similar to the ones the LOML drank out of in Lebanon so they'll do nicely!

That's it for this month in my kitchen.  December is a horribly busy/ long houred one for the LOML and I (we have a gift shop), and I always get halfway through (about now) and start counting down the days till it's over.  Not the best attitude to have I know but with these long days I am starting to feel run down and tired.  I've started upping my dose of vitamin C each morning as a preventative and am making sure I get to bed early (as opposed to sitting on the computer reading blogs!).  I am looking forward to Christmas Day if only for the sleep in.  Pity the person who calls early and wakes me up!  That being said, my internal alarm clock will no doubt have me up and about not long after dawn anyway but it's the knowledge that I don't have to get up that will leave me refreshed and alert  :)

Merry Christmas In-My-Kitchen-ers!


  1. Merry Christmas Shelley, and thanks for playing again this month! Please do leave a comment or drop me an email when you do these, so I can add you to the list - I'd hate to miss yours! :)

    That little letter is the sweetest Christmas present of them all, isn't it? The wee tea cups are very beautiful too! I hope you're selling lots at the shop - hang in there, only a week to go! Are you having some time off after Chrissie?

  2. Wonderful tour, loved the letter, kids have a beautiful way to reach our hearts!

    and the cups for Greek coffee, gorgeous!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas and season's eatings. Coffee and Christmas morning go beautifully together. I am enjoying a macchiato right now.


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