Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Cakeday!

There are a couple of souls in our family whose birthdays fall days either side of Christmas.  My sister two days before, my nephew two days after.  

Long has it been known that just because Christmas is days away does not mean one much larger gift can be given.  Do that at your own peril.  Nope, there must be two presents, one of which is to be wrapped in birthday wrap and opened on the actual birthday.  Take note.

This year my gift to both was one of sugar, eggs, flour and a whole lot of food colours.  

My sister's.....

(the story behind the cake - a couple of months ago my sister had a new cooktop installed in her kitchen, one that doesn't have a safety light to notify you that the plate is still hot despite being turned off.  She came home from work and dropped all her stuff (handbag included) onto the cooktop and walked away (the bench was full).  It was the smell of burning plastic and the thick black smoke that alerted her.  Hence, the handbag on the hotplate cake)
...and my nephew's.....

(the train is a wind-up one from the cheap shop.  I sized the cake to fit inside the tracks - only just after the addition of the icing - mental note for next time.   The coloured sugar balls were the biggest hit with the under fives)
And in between all that, I squeezed out a couple of christmas cakes, just cos I could.  

Coming up in January is something for the LOML (who is turning the big 4-0 but refuses to admit it!) followed closely by the wedding cake in February at which event I shall also be a matron.....update on the fitting-into-the-dress-by-the-date progress to follow....eeeeek!  There may also be a few more birthday cakes thrown in there for good measure - BIL,'s all under control...really!


  1. They are amazing! Such a talent you have!

  2. Wow! You're a cakemaking star! Love the cake on the hotplate, now there's a personalised present if ever there was one! And your nephew's cake is a joy - I can just imagine a small child seeing a cake with a moving train around it! :)


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