Friday, September 30, 2011

Ten Things: Me

  1. I like lists.  Number one on all my lists is - 1. write list - that way I can cross it out and feel like I've at least accomplished something in my day.  Without a list I get nothing done.  Nothing.
  2. I talk to myself.  A lot.  Out loud.  Both when people are around and on my own.  Apparently it's disconcerting.  Sometimes I'm glad to see my mum's dog in the room cos it makes me feel like I'm talking to him.  But I'm not.  I'm talking to myself.  He usually leaves the room soon after in confusion.  Poor dog.  If I'm not talking to myself, I'm singing.  There's always a themesong on the go in my mind.  Sometimes one line, over and over and over.  Annoying.
  3. I'm both a night owl and an early bird.  I can do both.  Ambidextrous and all.  I can't however do them both at the same time.  It's either/or.  The LOML is an out-and-out night owl.  For him, there is only one 9 o'clock in a day.
  4. I'm incredibly lazy.  Given half a chance (heck, even 1/8th of a chance) I will be surfing the net or reading a book or eating or watching tv or watering the garden or looking at food porn rather than doing what it is that needs to be done.  Hence the need for lists.  [sigh]
  5. I'm very bossy.  Just ask my brother.  Eldest child syndrome I call it.  To quote my good friend Mrs W, "It's not my fault I know what people should be doing."  True.  So very true.
  6. I have a tattoo.  Not a very good one.  But it is a testament to my wild, rebellious youth.  Not. I am so far removed from wild and rebellious I'm surprised they even let me into the tattoo parlour.  I'm sure they would have liked me to leave the study books and the rules and regulations at the door (jokes!).  But a tattoo I do have, much to the amusement of my niece and nephew for whom the idea of a permanent picture on your body is soooo cool.
  7. I lack willpower.  Actually, to be truthful, I lack won't-power.  I always make deals with myself over what I eat and the exercise I don't do in order to lose weight/ get healthy/ not have to buy a new wardrobe.  The longest I have successfully gone on my own is about two weeks.  I really need someone checking up on me to keep me in line.  A really important function that I want to look good at is also motivation enough.  Unfortunately, they are few on the ground these days.  Hence my pants are getting tighter as the months go on.  [big sigh]
  8. Once upon a time I couldn't touch raw meat.  I had to wear gloves when cutting up steak or chicken or mixing rissoles.  It was so hard and time consuming.  I don't know where the aversion came from - it was never a problem before and isn't a problem now but for a good couple of years the mere thought of touching raw meat had me gagging.  Glad that one's over.
  9. My favourite food in the whole wide world is sugar and anything with sugar in it.  Unfortunately for me, sugar does not love me which leads to a whole lot of issues re: #7.  Living in a western society sugar is everywhere and in everything and so very hard to resist.  That's why I love travelling to Asian countries.  Sugar is not a big part of their diet (nor bread or pasta) so after a few weeks I come home lighter and more toned.  Bonus.  
  10. I have to put my left sock on first (and my left leg in my pants first) or it's all wrong.  I have been known to take my shoes off and do it again if I start with my right foot.  Superstitious what?  I also walk on beat to any music I hear - not just on tempo but also on the left-right beat.  I was a marching girl and find it very hard not to 'march' to whatever I hear.  Very hard when it's a sloooowwwww song on the shopping centre speakers.
Righto, your turn.  Gimme Ten Things...

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