Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Market Superfind

The LOML and I went to the Sunday Markets this morning on our way to work.  

He picked up some plants for the front yard, I scored these beauties....

....beautiful bread tins!  Would you believe it, I got all of these for only $10.  Ten bucks!  If there are any there next weekend we'll be getting more.  Not that we're going to be opening a bakery any time soon and truly, given that I am still without an oven of substance I won't even be able to use one in the near future, but these are worth a whole lot more than what works out at roughly $1.25 per tin.  Insane.

I am itching to bake bread now!


  1. My eyes opened so wide with excitement when I saw these. WOW! What a find. Now I will be tortured sometime in the future with beautiful pictures of delicious bread.

  2. What a find. I've had trouble procuring one new bread tin of decent size in our local town, let alone that many!

  3. Tex, I did a double take when I saw them at the markets. They were almost under a tressle table with tools on top, hidden and waiting for me! We got two and then came back and got another two - now we are kicking ourselves we didn't get all of them! All I need now is an oven that works so that I can use them!

    Fiona, if there are any more next weekend I'll get you one and post it to you!


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