Sunday, May 8, 2011

#1 Mum

Happy Mother's Day Mum!

I hope you had a great afternoon, surrounded by your kids (and their kids), laughing and joking, remembering old times and good times, and talking about the future.  You're the best and I love you.
And she is, you know.  My mum.  The Best.  She doesn't think so but she's wrong.

My mum has done so much, not just for me but for my brother and sister too - provided for us, sheltered and protected us, guided us towards opportunities and helped us on our chosen life paths.  She did all of this (basically) on her own - by working full-time throughout our childhood, on a single wage with minimal financial support.  She left an unhealthy marriage in a time when that was not on, she bought a house and met every mortgage payment and still managed to make home improvements along the way.  Her encouragement saw us all finish high school, two of us go to university and one of us complete an apprenticeship.  None of us has been in trouble with the law and we are all now happily married and settled in our own lives.

She is a great role model my mum, one who always told me that I could do anything, be anything, the world was at my feet.  She supported me, listened to me, dried my tears, shared my joys, and laughed at my sillies.  She taught me to respect myself, to respect others and that sometimes things in life just don't go your way but that's okay.  She showed me that it's a good thing to stick up for yourself and what you believe in and not let others walk all over you.  And she always told me that she loved me.

She also told me that white high heels dress up any outfit and that sex is like a block of chocolate and once you start you just can't stop.  Those two I could have lived without!!

But that's my mum.  A great friend and a barrel of fun to be around.  I'm glad she's my mum and not anyone else.


On a side note, our family lunch, which I have spent the last two days slaving away in the kitchen planning and preparing, was delish!  And the decorations and celebratory gingerbread biscuits created with my niece yesterday were a big hit. I would have taken photos as evidence but by the time I pulled out the camera, the hordes had descended and all that was left were some breadcrumbs, a few morsels and lots of dirty plates!  Sure signs of a good meal!


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