Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A change is as good as a holiday

Last night, I had an attack of the rearrangings.  Every now and then my urge to reshuffle, tidy and rearrange various elements of my world raises its head and demands action be taken.  

The LOML, despite being able to travel overseas for a fortnight with only 2 changes of clothes, a toothbrush and a phone charger, doesn't cope very well when I move the furniture in the lounge room, so last night I rearranged my blog instead.  

I'm rather taken with the new colours and layout.  A bit plain at the moment but I plan on putting a  few photos around the place - sort of like hanging new paintings on the wall.  I love the way the photos look in the posts too - makes my sometimes inadequate shots look quite professional!  Just a little more moving and shuffling and I'll feel all finished and refreshed!  

Unfortunately, changing my blog around hasn't satisfied the urge to move things (I think it's an attack of the 'spring clean') so this morning I'm set to rearrange the kitchen - move some gadgets, tidy some shelves, that sort of thing.  The cupboards certainly need a good clean so at least that will get done if nothing else!  

I could be a while.....and I may not achieve all that is listed on my to dos today.....

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