Monday, October 3, 2011

The Happiest Woman in the World

Today I am very happy.

I'm happy most days but today I am over-the-moon happy.

Because yesterday I got a new stove installed.  YAY!!!

The LOML bought it last week and it's been sitting in the shed waiting until our wonderful electrician neighbour had some free time to come over and hook it up.  I wasn't too fussed - I've been without a stove and oven for quite some time now, a few more days/ weeks really wasn't going to cause too much more inconvenience.

It's only a small stove - significantly smaller than the old one - but it's better than no stove.  It'll do until the time comes when I get a new kitchen (word is that's happening in the new year.....).

And now it's all done!  In and working!

I don't know where to start - what to bake first?  what to cook?  Oh the dilemma!  I might start with a cup of tea to think about it!


  1. Ooh look, Shelley, all shiny and new!! So, what did you end up cooking in it first? :)

  2. Celia I am so in love and perhaps a little anal about keeping it shiny and new though that will fade as the spills start to make an appearance (I'm a messy cook!). A loaf of bread christened the oven, surprise, surprise! It tasted divine too!


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