Friday, September 9, 2011

It's alive!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you exhibit A.....

My sourdough starter....a frothing (at this early stage) success!!!

I am so very happy.  I have tended this little starter day and night - loving it and nurturing it, feeding it and keeping it warm, and finally, after many many hours/days/(nearly) weeks it has repaid in kind.

I love it so very much.  I can't wait until it's grown up enough for me to use.  And then eat.

I just hope it doesn't up and die on me now.


  1. Have you baked your first loaf yet? (She asks, squirming in her seat with excitement..) :)

  2. Underway now.....
    It's taken a while to get the starter active enough to use - our house, while lovely and cool in summer, is an icebox when the temps are low. My bad luck they have been a bit on the cool side since I started. Hopefully it's all systems go now..... :)


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