Saturday, September 3, 2011

Grateful grates of an (apparently) ungrateful ingrate

Sometimes I feel like all I do is bitch and moan about the world.

Complain, complain, complain.  

I feel like it's my mantra.  And I don't like it.

Truly, I have nothing to complain about.  I have a roof over my head and food on my table.  I have a loving family and the best husband I could ever have dreamed of in my teenage dreams of the future.  I live in a great country, I have freedoms that are non-existent to many people in the world, and yet still I complain.  More often than I would like.  I tell you, I'm sick of myself.

So in an effort to turn my frown upside down, when I feel like the blues are taking over my colour scheme, I'm going to post about the little things in my life that make me happy and that I am grateful for.  That way, when the worries of my world are threatening to take over, I can look back and be reminded that life is good, real good.

I choose to post about the little things because it goes without saying that I am ever so grateful for the 'big' things that I have (water, food, shelter, clothes etc) - it's the little mundane day-to-day things that I want to look back on and treasure.  Those little things that seem insignificant but that can turn my day around when I remember to be grateful for them.

So here goes.....I'm choosing to post in lists of three because three is my most favourite number of all and because two is just not enough.  Four is too many and five is getting carried away with it all.  So three it is.


Today, in my light-blue-tending-towards-navy state of mind, I am grateful for.....

  • getting into a warm car when the wind outside is on the freezing side of chilly (c'mon already!  it's  SPRING now!!!)
  • money already in the parking meter from the previous parker
  • the washing up being already done ready for me to make a mess again.

Life is good.


  1. Good for you, Shelley! I started my blog for exactly that reason, to focus my eyes on all the positive things in my life! Life really IS good.. :)

  2. It is. Every now and then we just need a reminder of the good stuff. :)


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