Friday, July 8, 2011

A timely reminder

Do you have a Will drawn up?  A legal document outlining how you want your earthly possessions to be shared and split among the people you love (or don't love)?  Is it current? Or does it have your ex listed as the sole beneficiary despite you now being remarried with four kids?
The reason I ask is that my dad died suddenly and very unexpectedly last year and, while his Will is current (having been re-done when he remarried in 2009), it is in the process of being contested (not by me).  

This upsets me a lot.  A whole lot of reasons abound but first and foremost I see that dad's Will outlines his wishes to ensure his widow is supported and looked after following his death.  I respect that and totally agree.  Of course, having two previous wives with children (who may or may not believe they are entitled to a cut) adds a whole new potentially  (nothing potential about it - it's real) combustive element to the mix, but dad's Will outlines his wishes and I respect that.  I have a strong support for the strength of a Will in our legal system, particularly a Will made by a person who was fit and healthy and focused on his new future and who had no reason to think his Will would ever be needed anytime in the near future.  I also like to believe that my Will will be upheld as I am upholding his.

I also firmly believe that should the claim against his estate be successful, karma will be enacted.  And Karma can be a mean bitch whose bad side I don't want to get on.

Likewise you don't get to cross my dad and get away with it - you couldn't do it when he was alive and I doubt you'd be able to get away with it now.

Good luck to you if you think you can.

So, if you haven't done it already, ring your solicitor now and get your Will drawn up.  If you have a Will, make sure it is current - update it if you need to.  But most importantly, don't wait - you may not get a second chance.


  1. It's a sensitive issue at any time, Shelley, but particularly as we all get older. And we're starting to realise that it actually doesn't matter what the will says, because the courts won't always uphold it, which is terrible. And the really horrible thing is having to deal with all the other crap when people are already in mourning over the death of a loved one.

  2. True. Death is horrible at any time but having to deal with insensitive 'relatives' at the same time is just not on. Especially not the crap my dad's wife had to deal with in the two weeks after.

    Personally, I don't expect to receive any sort of inheritance from my parents -I don't want to - I want them to live their life and enjoy the fruits of their labour themselves! I'm quite happy slugging away to set up my own future, I'm not counting on their help to set me up. I keep telling my mum that but she's old school and want's to leave us kids something - I tell her I want memories, not money. :)

  3. I'm sorry that you have to go through this. You're right, karma is a bitch and legal fees will easily outweigh anything they might get! ha ha. I am wondering though who gets custody of Phil? Already have 3 children, don't think I could handle Phil and Bill.

  4. Can you imagine?
    'To my neices and nephews I bequeath all my books, cds and magazines.
    To my friend Mrs H, I bequeath my husband. Good luck with that'
    Ha Ha! Hilarious!!


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