Sunday, July 17, 2011

This cough can just bugger off anytime soon

So I'm still getting over my head-cold-thing that hit me about four weeks ago.  

I'd started to recover after about 8 days - enough to get through (slowly) a 3km walk on the treadmill without collapsing from lack of oxygen - but then it came back.  Not as bad as first time around,  for which I am eternally grateful, but back it still came.  Sore throat, lethargy, blocked sinuses.....oh the joy.

And now it's four weeks after the first recovery and I have been left with a cough that starts as a tickle on my tonsils and then progresses to an all-out struggle for breath cough fest.  Combine that with a general struggle for breath the rest of the time that Ventolin can't seem to ease and I'm about ready to scream (though that would bring on a coughing fit so maybe I won't). 

I probably shouldn't go on about how much I'm over it.  In the biggest way imaginable.  It is winter after all and there are so many cooties being passed around by the ferals that cough and sneeze in public without covering their mouths (not to mention the lack of handwashing in toilets - DON"T GET ME STARTED!!!!) I'm surprised I'm not reading about a record number of hospitalisations.  

I've reached the point where I'm at a loss as to what more I can do to shake it.  Any more Vitamin C and echinacea and I think I'll turn into an orange flower.  Lemon juice shooters before breakfast take some getting used to but like anything, do it long enough and it becomes habit.

Sleep has been broken into 2 hourly stints at night - being woken from a deep slumber by a dry cough is so not fun.  It's been so regular that the LOML is now sleeping through it.  That's scary.

I must admit to self medicating with a glass of red wine with dinner each night.  My theory is that it relaxes my cough reflex.  Whatever I reckon!

I'm looking forward to being well again.  

Any day now would be lovely thanks.

In other news it seems that there will be an absolute gaggle of babies making their way into the world by the end of this year.  So many people I know are preggers (not me!).  The latest - my good friend Posh Tosh - will be welcoming a new addition to her not-long-married coupledom in December.  Happy news all round!


  1. I know how you feel exactly, because I've had the SAME THING! I got sick back in June, and more than a month later I still get short of breath and the cough returns every evening, which makes sleeping a challenge. What really annoys me, however, is that I know I've caught it from one of those gross people who came into the office whilst sick (or brought their sickly child(ren) with them), when they should have stayed at home, quarantined, and not ventured out and about sharing their (or their child's) nasty germs. It's infuriating!

  2. No good for you! Though I am grateful I'm not the only one who is still sick. I was starting to think I had some weird disease that I'm the only one in the world to have. My next step would have been Google for a bit of self diagnosis!!


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